Empower your business like an IT professional

Technology doesn't have to be difficult to manage or have hidden fees. StonePoint provides co-located IT consulting services to the Treasure Valley.

Our Mission

Technology advocacy

StonePoint will advocate, without biases, for any business or organization to help them select quality, cost-effective technologies that allow them to achieve their goals.

No biases, no upsells.
StonePoint does not upsell technology based on markups or kickbacks. This way, techs are incentivized to pick the right tools for the job, every time.
On the team, not the payroll.
StonePoint staff will conduct ourselves as if we are your internal IT team, being mindful of staff needs, time, and expenses.
Run it like you own it.
All of StonePoint's recommendations are made to our partners as if their business is our own. If it is not in your best interest, it is not in ours either.
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Does your team need IT support?
Let us help fill in the gaps.

Whether your team is 1 person or 200+, StonePoint works with organizations of all sizes, across the most demanding and regulated industries like Healthcare, Law, and Retail. Even if you have an internal IT team, we are here to help.

Everything you need

No internal IT team? No problem.

StonePoint offers a-la-carte IT services to help you meets the demanding requirements of today's rapidly-changing, small-to-medium business climate. No hidden fees, no complex contracts, just help when you need it most. Select an option below to get started on your journey to technology independence:

Desktops and Servers.

Desktop and server support is essential for all businesses to ensure that your computers and servers are running smoothly and efficiently.

Networking and Security.

A secure network is a must for protecting sensitive data and preventing cyber attacks, which are rapidly becoming more sophisticated.

Data Backup and Recovery.

Data backup and recovery helps to ensure the availability, integrity, and accessibility of important business data in the event of a disaster.

Email and Private Cloud.

Get collaboration tools and correspondence from anywhere, with the peace of mind that it is safe and secure.

HIPAA and PCI Compliance.

For many businesses, changing regulations and increased demands for privacy, security, and transparency makes compliance is a necessity.

IT Project Advisory.

Working on your next big idea and have no idea what software and computers can do for you? Let us provide you with the professional know how to supercharge your team.

Our track record

Trusted by 80+ businesses in the Boise Metro Area for IT support

StonePoint Consulting is experienced, well networked, and a part of your community, servicing the Treasure Valley for over 25 years.

Average Emergency Response
< 1hr
Client Retention
Combined Experience
50+ years
Long-Term Contracts

In partnership with industry leaders

StonePoint is partnered with some of the best in business, giving you access to all of the best tools, without the added markup from a traditional MSP. We pass on all the discounts we receive directly to our customers.


“Ken and his StonePoint team have been instrumental in the continued success of our medical practice. They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and genuinely interested in the success of their clients. They have a fundamental understanding of healthcare practices. I highly recommend Ken and the StonePoint Team.”

Scott Tucker
Women's Health Associates

“Ken and the staff are incredible. We were not even customers (yet) when our current IT guys could not help us with an urgent problem. The problem was big but was solved quickly so we gave Stone Point our business and have been extremely happy with all their work since that time. Great company.”

Scott Lundgreen
Johnson & Lundgreen